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June Meagher

Let love and compassion be the root of everything you do and say

AAMARHealing and Healers & Therapists News were set up by June Meagher in memory of her parents Alex And Mary to promote holistic therapies to those who either can not afford the high tuition costs or those who are interested in a therapy but want to see what it is about before committing themselves to a long term period of learning.  June has studied various spiritual and holistic therapies over the past 40+ years and is a trustee,  tutor and assessor for the Peacehaven Healing Centre which is fully accredited under BAHA - The British Alliance of Healing Associations.  June also teaches all around the UK   June organises the annual Exhibition of Healing & Complementary Therapies one of the largest free holistic exhibitions in the UK and is also a past Trustee of The Healing Trust (NFSH) and founding Trustee of Sound4Healing, a charity set up to fund research into Sound Healing.  She is an eternal student of learning and strives to develop herself so that she can serve not only herself but those who come into her life for however long.
Over 17,000 members on the LinkedIn Group Healers & Therapists News
Proprietor of Healers and Therapists News, an online community for over 17,000 healers and therapists from around the world, June has brought together some of the world’s leading teachers and practitioners to discuss issues affecting holistic communities.
June has also released Journey of the Soul with Maria Giles and Susan Raven, a 7 CD track for the chakras as well as OM - Deep Space Within with tracks for healing and inner peace.

June is a past Director of Chemical Watch a global regulatory news service to the Chemical Industry.

Awards and Affiliations

Accredited Tutor for British Alliance of Healing Associations (BAHA) : Qualified and registered Healer : Reiki Master : Sound Healer : Colour Therapist : Reflexologist

Causes and Organizations

The British Alliance of Healing Associations (BAHA)


June Meagher

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