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Julie Parker  ~ Healer | Visionary | Writer

Life brings us to a place where it asks for everything that has gone before to be put into practice. Now is that place. Taking the wealth of experience and education gained in her adventurous life,  Julie Parker facilitates the alignment of Mind, Body and Spirit through Pellowah, Reiki, Energy Healing, Transformational Coaching, Circles, Workshops and Retreats.

Healing is a journey of discovery, recovery and remembering who we truly are….

Raised in Australia and Papua New Guinea,  Julie was introduced to “spirit”  at  a  young  age.   A   mother   interested in Buddhism, Theosophy and all things   esoteric, and an entrepreneurial father, made the bold decision to pack up their 3 children and move to Papua New Guinea in the 1960’s. It marked the beginning of a life long romance with travel, understanding the human condition, and a passion for   humanity.

Life would take many twists and turns. The accquisition of knowledge and skills became a roller coaster, gaining a momentum of its own. Moving, shifting, always evolving, one merging into another: from an advertising  professional, international marketing professional, aromatherapist, business consultant, massage therapist, life coach, mentor, reiki practitioner, travel consultant, aid worker, NLP practitioner, writer, business trainer, project manager to corporate trouble shooter, just to name a few!

Traversing the globe from Australia to Argentina, Vietnam to Vanuatu, Brazil to Burma, Greece to Greenland, Cambodia to Cyprus, Ireland to India, Sweden to Sri Lanka, New Zealand to Nepal, Thailand to Tunisia and everything in between.

Not one to attach labels to people, Julie has always believed:   “Who we are is not what we do. What we do is our path to understanding who we are. It is our journey back to ourselves.”

With no alignment to any particular dogma, dharma or religion, and perhaps due to childhood experiences, Julie believes in Universal Consciousness and Oneness, and our ability to access all wisdom. We are all an expression of the Divine, and our ultimate religion is Love.

“When I see I am nothing that is wisdom.
When I see I am everything that is love.
And between those two my life moves…”
~ Nisargadatta Maharaj

Certifications and Credentials

Pellowah Level 3 Teaching Certificate

Reiki Master

Multi Modality Energy Certifications

Life/Spiritual Coaching (Transformational Coaching)

Julie Parker

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