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Hi everyone..  I am an Author, Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Coach, Workshop Facilitator and the creator of the “Seeing 11:11 – A Global Vision” Daily Intention Project. (

I'm also thrilled to be a collaborator in the "Embraced by the Divine" book (out now in kindle and softcover versions).

My upcoming book

“If You are Looking for a Sign, This is it !”

will be published in 2016.

I've facilitated healing and workshop sessions in Malaysia, Philippines, China and Australia as well as my home base of Singapore. I migrated there from Australia in 2001.

I teach Meditation, Law of Attraction workshops and Energy Healing “Self Help” classes. Empowering You with simple and powerful tools is my passion. Webinars are on the way !! I'm planning a beginner meditation "pilot" online class soon. Let me know if you would like to be involved.

In my ”previous life” I was a Computer Scientist and have a Masters Degree in Artificial Intelligence from RMIT University.

I am certified in several energy healing modalities including Jin Shin Jyutsu and EFT, and I am an Overlight Facilitator (Medulla-Pineal Activation) as taught by Steve Rother of

My focus now however, is on bringing my personal form of energy healing through in my one-on-one and group sessions.

I'd love to connect with you through my facebook pages, or via my newsletter.

Julie Ann

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