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I am about Total Wellbeing for People, Animals, Plants, Planet.  

I can help people individually or in groups, mostly via the internet, and the rest is done mostly by writing and sharing information and creative inspiration, including my own philosophical quotations, poetry, and artwork.

I'm a Healer, Diviner, Counsellor, Life Coach, Nutritional Therapist, and also do Thai hand & foot Massage.  I'm also a writer and artist.  My own website is

I work holistically as I believe everything is inter-related, and can help with many things, such as improving self-esteem, communication, relationships (including in families), planning and achieving goals, or helping sort out any issues or concerns you may have in life.  

I can also advise on managing stress, and am particularly into meditation, teaching it as well as creating audio & video meditations.

Another speciality is providing online nutritional assessments, followed by planning and advice sessions.  Apart from the social media links below, I have a profile on Goodreads as Jay Woodman, where many of my quotations appear.  (Most of my poetry was originally published in magazines under my nickname of Jay.)  My Amazon author pages are also under Jay Woodman, the USA one being linked to below, but I do also have them in other countries, particularly in the UK, where I am based.  My poetry books that are listed on Amazon are also available directly from me.  

My latest book, under my proper name, is only available via Amazon.  It's called "No Paradox - Living Both In and Outside Of the Matrix [ Theory, Exploration, Tools ]".  It is my first Philosophical/Mystical/Self-help/Consciousness type book, although there are more on the way.  

I'm also writing novels.

It's been hard to choose the 4 keywords, as so many more could be applied, but I think I have chosen the ones which best reflect the most prominent / current nature of my work.

Julia Woodman

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