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Judy M. Ford

Coaching, Words & Wellness for YOUR Life ... by Design!

"Judy M. Ford, CPCC, ACC, RYT200 is a holistic life and transition coach for Soul-driven women, women leaders/emerging leaders, and women entrepreneurs; an inspirational/motivational speaker; yoga instructor; health & wellness practitioner; and author of the book: The Light in Your Pocket: Illuminate Your Life in 140-Characters or Less. Engaging the philosophy and methodology of a form of coaching she has created called, “Coaching as a Healing Practice,” Judy works with women in the transition spaces of their lives - helping them navigate personal, professional, emotional, relational, and spiritual transitions in ways that honor their essential truths, innate wisdom, natural sovereignty, and authentic power. Judy is Founder and Chief Wellness Officer of Sunrise Consulting, LLC and its divisions:  Ms. Judy M. Ford | Design! Programs & Services and The SHEvolution – a global lifestyle brand that supports women to redefine themselves, their lives, their work and their living for themselves; and in ways that consciously and intentionally align with the impact, difference and transformative effect they want to have in the world.

As an inspirational/motivational speaker, yoga teacher, author, and health & wellness practitioner, Judy also brings the philosophies and methodologies of those healing modalities to her work in reaching and serving women all over the world. As an essential truth, Judy believes in every woman’s innate wisdom, authentic power, and natural sovereignty to successfully and authentically navigate her life transitions by redefining herself for herself and, in so doing, transform her life and our world. As such, Judy works with women all over the world to unleash their potential, advance their lives and evolve their spirits, for that very purpose! Through the full complement of her service offerings, Judy illuminates the power of her own light as a 'healer, wisdom-bearer, and space creator for teh revelation and experience of the soul,' her purposed work in and for the world. Ultimately, Judy's service allows her to fulfill her life purpose through her deep desire for herself, and for all women everywhere, to Be Well ~ Do Well ~ Live Well and THRIVE! as we journey together to Create & Live…

Judy M. Ford

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