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Judy Armstrong

Opening your heart and touching your soul through music, laughter and inspiration

In her professional theatrical career, Judy Armstrong, B.Mus., N.T.S., is a gifted and versatile artist who has inspired thousands of people from around the world.  Her credits which number over 3000 presentations range from television, including special guest appearances with the late Danny Kaye (CBS-TV, Hollywood) and featured performances on CBC-TV Specials (such as, Wayne and Shuster, Music Canada Series, Christmas Specials), to dinner theaters, concert stage and world-class conventions.

Judy Armstrong's dynamic and versatile gifts don't stop at an accomplished Singer, Songwriter or Actress.  As an engaging Keynote Speaker, Judy has presented energizing and inspirational talks throughout Canada, USA and Aruba. She is a national member of CAPS (Canadian Association of Professional Speakers), NSA (National Speakers Association) and GSF (Global Speakers Federation).  Judy was awarded the Brian Lee, C.S.P., CAPS Presentation Mastery Award for speaking excellence.

With her unique Musical Keynotes in "concert style", Judy combines her professional career in theater, music and national television, with her work in Psychology of Vision® to deliver energizing messages. Judy’s experience in Psychology of Vision® has been with founder, Dr. Chuck Spezzano of Hawaii. With a profound understanding of the transformational process, she helps people remove the blocks which prevent them from realizing and expressing their unlimited potential.

Judy’s work with sound, healing, global peace and harmonizing the emotional, physical and spiritual well-being of the whole person has led her to compose, produce and perform six unique recordings. Judy’s solo recordings are:  LET YOUR HEART SING, INSIDE OF ME, FLYING FREE (Gentle Gifts for the Child), TIME TO SHINE and SING ALL the WAY HOME, Volume 1, which is a 45-song songbook and MP3 combined. Judy's music is being broadcast in 20 countries worldwide.

For her sixth record, KIDS (for all ages), Judy collaborated with her husband, Tink Robinson, to write, perform and record the fun-filled, entertaining songs. As well as singing the music from KIDS to work with children, Tink and Judy use the songs to bring out the playfulness in adults. Judy also works…

Judy Armstrong

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