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Josefina Navarro

Celebrate your sublime self though love, healing, inspiration and empowerment.

Josefina is a Certified Reiki Practioner-Master, Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner and Social Media Manager.

After working with a women’s organization, she created Women Sublime which gives hope, healing and empowerment to women. She loves  inspiring women and help them reach their full potential. With these, Women Sublime was born. With  blogging, she's  able to reach out and guide how healing energy and  Law of Attraction can lead to transformation and give empowerment, joy and peace.

As a  Social Media & business manager,  she  works  with various heart-based business owners create their  content for their various social media platforms. She creates inspiration posters and run their social media  for them.

She also founded Sustainability for Gaea (Mother Earth), an earth-conscious page where she shares awaress and inspiration about  Earth Inspiration, renewal, humanity, sustainability and spirituality.

Further more, she is a founder of Sublime Inspiration Group, whose goal is to support other lightworkers, authors and practioners in sharing their mission, messages and works.

Josefina Navarro

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