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Josee Ouellet

The miraculous power of love

My name is Josee. I am coach in development of potential, author, shaman, speaker, intervener in suicide prevention and energetic healer. I am French-Canadian origin. I write poetry since over 25 years. I just finished writing the book « Vademecum of God » which is waiting to be published. Writing is my life, my passion. I consider myself lucky to have a life rich in experiences of all kinds. This greatly inspires me, what drives me to write. God is for something, I’m sure.
I’m also a shaman. I love animals and nature. I love meditate and connect to my environment that is a wonderful source of harmony. I practice different energy treatments (shamanic, Quantum Touch and cellular reprogramming), and various Native American medicine. These various treatments bring me many, as much relational that spiritual.
I know that my knowledge and experience have an essential role to help others find their path that will lead them to their dream life. I do not think get the truth. But I know I can be a guide, help light a spark in your consciousness that will lead you to your unique truth to you. We all have things to discover. Me, it’s here that I just write my discoveries. It is with love that I share with you.Namaste ♥Josee

Pour les francophones, vous pouvez aussi me suivre sur ma page Facebook en français

Josee Ouellet

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