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John A. Williams

Be You, Take Charge, Inspire Others

I help Business and Project Managers skyrocket their Team Performance,

and in turn boost their Net-worth, Self-worth, and Joy-worth,

through my people-centered approach to leadership.

I'm a seasoned Project Leader with decades of experience and more than a hundred successful and also a few failed major projects under my belt, in the private and public domain. I attained my knowledge through education (MSc in Managing Information Systems, and a variety of specialized certificates), but most of all I’ve been seasoned by practical experience in the trenches. Most of my projects have been in the intersection of organizational change and Information & Communication Technology. I've gained the reputation of being a pragmatic leader putting the human factor at the core of all my undertakings, AKA The Pragmaticioner.

Nurture your tribe, and your tribe will carry you all the way!

My signature Pragmatic Leadership Formula, my people-centered approach to leadership, was quoted on mainstream news outlets. I also developed a suite of proprietary self-assessment tools for leadership and supporting disciplines.

I was born and raised on the Caribbean island of Aruba, studied in Europe and found my base in The Netherlands. On my journeys to different parts of the world, I enriched myself with new cultures and insights. I now see myself more like a world citizen.

My mission is to help others take the lead to success and satisfaction. With a wink.

John A. Williams

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