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You have found work you feel inspired to share with the world.  You have ideas that stream through your mind, most days you feel full of inspiration and intention, you have a gift to share and a profound message to deliver.   You feel alive and truly in the flow when you are sharing your work with your clients.

There are some days you feel depleted and completely overwhelmed by all the tasks that pull at your attention. Coming up against a tech snag or cash flow crunch brings into question your capabilities to implement all that you envision. Yet there is a deep longing to live your life with purpose, freedom, inspiration and success in all levels of your life and this is what keeps you plugging away.

You’ve already tried different online programs, attended countless webinars and read all kinds of ‘top 5 things you must do’ style articles in an attempt to figure out all the moving parts of your business. You’ve attended personal growth weekends for the deep dive into yourself.  You’ve explored therapy to heal your heart and to understand yourself more deeply, invested in bodywork sessions to unwind the tension that builds up, dedicated to exercise and nutrition to boost your energy and continue to practice meditation and breathing techniques to feel more calm and at ease.

All of these things have helped, but the reason why it still feels like you’re trying to figure it all out and finally operate at the level you know you are capable of.  I get it, and I'll guess too that:

  • no one ever told you that building a business was more about BEING than DOING
  • no one really sees you on your deepest levels and reflects that back in a way you can understand, feel and move forward with
  • you haven’t ever considered that how you carry your family’s experiences in your body affect your ability to reach success on your own terms

True transformation - the kind that feels like unshakeable confidence combined with the inner knowing that has you certain…

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