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Jodie Smith

Hello! I am the owner of The Ancient Sage - An on online metaphysical store providing spiritually uplifting tools for everyone!

Title: Owner of The Ancient Sage – On-line Metaphysical Supply Store and Gift Shop

Keywords: Crystals, Herbs, Incense, Tarot and Oracle Cards, Metaphysical Books, Spiritual Products, Astrology, Awakening, Expansion of Consciousness, Enlightenment

The Ancient Sage offers a large selection of affordable tools to assist people on a spiritual journey of conscious awakening.  I provide products to clear negative and unwanted energies; harmonize the mind, body, and spirit; maintain and strengthen our connection to source and raise our vibrations to a place of a love and joy! I believe in self-empowering people with the tools they need to take control of their own energy fields and eliminate negative influences before they can manifest into bigger issues.  I also travel around the Black Hills of SD to various shows and conferences and I love to do workshops and presentations when the opportunity arises.

My background: Prior to opening The Ancient Sage in 2011 I worked as a Remote Sensing Scientist on international humanitarian and disaster relief projects.  This was a rewarding experience that not only provided a unique perspective on space but also an awareness and compassion for the vast inequalities and suffering prevalent in the modern world.  I worked as a paleontologist before that which provided a unique perspective on time and evolution. My career change came about as a necessity of being a single mother to an autistic child who required my attention and flexibility to address his unique needs in a world that is not adequately structured to nurture these special kids that are coming into the world now. While challenging at times, I can now see the great gift in this experience and where it has led me.  I am grateful to have learned so much from him.  My primary interests are currently in the areas of astrology and the conscious evolution of our species on a personal and collective level.

Jodie Smith

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