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JJ Coutts

Ignite Your Spark To Loving Yourself

Hi, I’m JJ Coutts. I am the Founder and Owner of Outer Strength Fitness and your Online Transformation Coach. My extensive background in sport has lead me to the fitness industry. My passion for training to my full potential on and off the field to benefit my performance has developed a mindset that cannot be beaten which helps me instil this into my clients.

I feel so privileged that I can Mentor and coach passionate people to achieve their respected transformation goals. An outstanding success rate in helping clients reach their full potential is a true asset of mine. Helping my client reach their fitness goals in a shorter period of time than first planned is my priority.

With experience in Both Australia and the United Kingdom, I have worked with a wide range of clients coming from all types of backgrounds ensuring getting their full potential out of them.

“Seeing my clients grow through the Outer Strength Fitness Transformation Journey is the best feeling that a coach can have”

JJ Coutts

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