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    I’m in a difficult moment and it was recommended that I post here in the eXchange


    I welcome your love, advice and support. Thank you!


    P.S. I have a wealth of deep insight and information about ‘Intimacy & Sexuality’ and of course, I will love to share with you in eXchange for any support I may receive.

    Or, let me know how I can help to promote you. I’m open… and devoted to creating a world that works, reciprocally.

    I often dreamed of a workshop where the foundational questions were

    What do you want?
    What do you need?
    How can I help you achieve it?

    • @jivanakennedy I don’t understand what you are asking?

      • Hello Samaria,

        Thank you for asking for clarification.

        My primary need at the moment is for some financial assistance to come my way, through anyone for whom that would not be a burden, and who can appreciate my situation, and the challenging dharma I’ve chosen.

        Beyond that, I will gratefully receive any and all good ideas for moving myself forward.

        I see WU as an Intentional Community happening in the cyber realm. And in my past experience with Intentional Communities, when one person was having ‘extreme’ difficulties the others rallied around them to support in whatever way they could.

        This was also a feature of tribal societies, and has since been long lost, as we live in a reality now of every man (or woman) for him or herself…which makes for a harsh existence for so many. Thus, the poverty, starvation and homelessness we now see in almost every city and country in the world. It’s not just in Third World countries anymore.

        I do seem to believe that the old tribal systems were kinder and more humanitarian.

        So, I guess it is with that underlying belief combined with my belief in the pure intention and goodness of the mission I’ve taken on, that I am deserving of some help at this time. I probably would not be able to make this request, if that was not the case.

        I realize that this is not congruent with the current mindset in many places in the world today, and I can only hope that some people with a benevolent spirit will find it in their hearts to give me a helping hand in whatever way is comfortable and aligned for them.

        Does that clarify, Samaria?


        • I realize my post/request was long and people may not have had the patience to get to the end, so I apologize for my wordiness. I felt that I needed to provide a substantial context for what I was requesting.

          So, here is the actual ‘request’ for help.

          “I need some practical help at this time, and I am hoping and praying that some of you who are able and for whom this would not be a great sacrifice, will come forward to support me in this time of personal crisis.

          I am of course, always ready and happy to exchange this for services, speaking engagements, and so on. Any way that you can support getting the word out about my work, will also be gratefully received.

          I have a PayPal account in the name of Personal Enrichment or Jivanak@aol.com.. and I will deeply appreciate any amount you might be able to spare and send to me, no matter how small to help keep me afloat while I figure out my way forward.

          Obviously, large support would be greatly welcomed as well.

          My entire life has been fully devoted to ‘The One Love’ …. and I need some practical help and support now to continue carrying on.

          Please help at this time, if you can.”

          • @jivanakennedy I am sorry you are experiencing problems. Maybe the best way is to create a go fund me page. I am also not financially stable so I cannot help.

            • Of course.. I understand Samaria.

              I would never want this to be a sacrifice for anyone. It would only make me happy to receive if it comes from someone’s overflow, you know?

              May we all prosper one another together, Ok?