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Jillian Calder

Hi! I'm Jillian, your Dream Girl. Follow your dreams, and mine.

I'm a dreamer
I have had an active dream life for as long as I can remember. My nighttime journeys are extraordinary, reflective, therapeutic, meditative, and just fun. I’ve always known they were special but it took me some time to recognize how important dreams really are. I don't want to live a practical life. I love magick and the moon. I love fantasy and fairytale, and I love to share my spirit with others.
I'm A Researcher
I needed a purpose in my life other than raisin' the babies. I love to research, and I love to dream, so I decided to combine the two. I am researching all things dream, sleep, and the brain. Ways to increase dream recall, improve them, stop them, and understand them. I'm researching the effects of herbs, crystals, and old wives’ tales on dreaming. How your quality of sleep effects your dreams, and what happens to your brain when you dream. It’s all so fascinating.
I'm a Writer
What good is research if you don't share it with the world? No good. So I'm sharing it through my blog, After being the dream guinea pig, I write about my experiences with applying the research I've completed. My posts are above all else, honest. But they're also silly or deep depending on my mood, and there's always a takeaway.
I'm a Coach
I work with clients who want to improve their dream life. My clients range from people who want to have dream recall to those ready to control their dreams. I help those in the creative arts experience their next project in their dreams so they can bring them to reality. I teach clients how to explore their dreams and put together the pieces of their dream puzzle to find meaning.

Jillian Calder

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