• Jessica Zandvliet posted an update 1 year, 8 months ago

    I heal with energy and love
    I believe that we can all be happy this instant. sometime we just need help realizing that happiness is something we can all obtain from within at any moment, and not something we can obtain as a result of some superficial gain or outside source. One of the biggest obstacles we face is our ego. Which wants to get all its joy from the physical world. but through Resonance Repatterning I am able to work with energy and create change without the ego feeling threaten. The resonance repatterning sessions are short and sweet. I use muscle checking ( which is a technique that asks the body system what it needs, through muscle response). I determine all the different aspects that are out of sync in your life and your body, and the amazing possibilities that you want to resonate with. After I put everything on paper I use simple modalities, or exercises, to switch the energy in the right direction. This may include powerful work with sound, color, movement, breath, energy contact, essential oils, and others.