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Jessica Clark

Make Way for the Good

Jessica is a mom of 6 who desires to share her healing journey with other parents.


Her daughter, Cassidy, was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was 2 years old.   The epilepsy progressed and she was eventually diagnosed with neurodegenerative disease and ended up in a wheelchair.

Cassidy in wheel chair

Cassidy is now 20 years old, loves dancing, playing baseball in the warmer months, enjoys walks with her dogs and loves telling jokes.

Cassidy dancing it up!!!

Cassidy’s journey of healing began with detoxing her body from heavy metals.  She is no longer diagnosed with neurodegenerative disease.  Her story is one of hope and healing.  Jessica loves sharing Cassidy’s story and is a firm believer that it can help others start on their road to healing.

Jessica believes so strongly in the products that started Cassidy on her healing journey, she has since partnered with a company to help make hope and healing available to others.  Her entire family has found success in removing heavy metals from their systems, restoring their trace minerals and building their immune systems, leaving them strong and healthy.  A real family, with real results.

She believes Cassidy’s story was meant to be shared with others so they can find the same hope, happiness and health.

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Jessica Clark

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