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Jeremy Lasman

SuperPowered Growth with Imagination Technology

I am a Quantum Facilitator, High Performance Coach, Dark Artisan, Speaker, life long professional wrestling fan, and known by many as a Professor of Passion because of my radical research on the The Field of Passion which stands on the shoulders of Albert Einstein's work.

I help perfectionists drop into their passion and become confident in their craft to truly serve instead of judging themselves and the world.

Awards and Affiliations

Former SpaceX Technologist

Causes and Organizations

MANIA Comic - Mental Health Super Empowered

An epic sci-fi franchise where strange abilities arise in certain individuals.

Universal Imagination

An Impact Investment Fund and innovation Incubator on a mission to accelerate the evolution of humanity in The Passion Age with Imagination Technology.


Certifications and Credentials

Dark Luxury Artisan

Jeremy Lasman

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