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Jenny Parkes

Align Your Life

An inspired and dedicated Holistic Entrepreneur, Jenny is a devoted to living life by design each and every day, and teaching others that perfect wellbeing is always within.  A Divine Intervention in her life 8 years ago awakened something she had lost touch with - the reality that everything in life is what you perceive and believe it to be, and we are all born with all that we require to joyfully, passionately, and simply hand-craft the existence of our dreams.


Years of not understanding food and nutrition, and its impact on our emotional and spiritual state led Jenny down the winding road of on-going dieting, self sabotage, beratement, and frustration She is now a Holistic Entrepreneur, Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach, and Wellness Advocate on a mission to coach, inspire, educate, and motivate others to live extraordinary lives in body, mind, and spirit. Building on her personal experiences, along with navigating the confusing world of health and nutrition, Jenny assists others with fueling the body as it was designed to be fueled, Cellular Cleansing and Rebalancing, and tapping into the innate wisdom we all possess, while creating lasting and sustainable healthy lifestyle beliefs and habits. 


Jenny Parkes

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