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Jennifer Webb

Jennifer Webb is an Author, Artist and Near-Death Experiencer

Jennifer T. Webb is an author, artisan, and near-death experience, energy healer. She is now offering free faith healings.

She teaches that Beings Helping Beings is the Answer for Humanity's ascension into a healed, equal society.

Her artworks are is impressionisms of nature, dreams and visions that she oil paints or crafts into being. She also shares messages from star family connections as part of fulfilling her mission for the highest good.

For spiritual platforms who are seeking promotion online, she offers SEO, Search Engine Optimization with high-value keywords and fresh content! She can also help others produce and format ebooks, printed books, Niche Videos, CDs, and DVDs.

She has self-published over ten Books that can be found at online bookstores and are available in print.

These books include a Master Spirit Healing course that is available for free and one on one coaching. Please contact her for a consultation.

"When a being seeks, asks and receives Great Creator's Unconditional Love, a transformation happens... One begins to feel Grateful for the feeling of Grace that is received. Then one finds self-worth from this Redemption, which can lead to a new Positive Self Image. Gifted Self-Love through God's Unconditional Love can help a person embrace their Soul's Being that Strives to Do Good and Be Good."

"Wisdom is the Gift that We Grow Into and is Consciousness, Pure and Free."

*Keyholder of Compassion


1 Corinthians 13:13 'Now Abideth in Faith, Hope and Charity, but remember, of these three, Charity is the Greatest!'








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The Natural Law of Time by Jose Arguelles and Stephanie South

Intentions of the Highest Good by Tony Burroughs

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Jennifer Webb

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