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Jennifer Palmer

Purifying body, mind and spirit

Founder – Nourishing Journey and Holistic Metamorphosis® Traditional Naturopath, Usui and Karuna® Reiki Master/Teacher, I-ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist, Access Consciousness™ Bars Practitioner, Arcturian Healing Light Practitioner

I created Nourishing Journey in 2010 after spending eight years improving the health of myself and my family and studying many complementary and alternative wellness fields.

My training ranges from a degree in Traditional Naturopathy that includes nutrition, herbs, homeopathy, as well as detox certifications such as colony hydrotherapy, and expands to several forms of energy and spiritual healing, such as Reiki and Access Consciousness. Notably, I have created and registered a system of energetic healing, Holistic Metamorphosis (R), and train other practitioners in this modality. I also run many workshops, classes, and gatherings for practitioners and the community in meditation, healing practices, and networking.

Previously, I worked in Information Technology, and as a business owner who was and is very involved in the daily functioning and long-term goals of the business.  My experience, knowledge and passion for natural healing are the driving force behind Nourishing Journey and the tremendous success experienced by clients, practitioners, and the businesses as a whole. 

Jennifer Palmer

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