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Jennifer Luis

Female Navy Veterans Resistance Training Exercise Invention, Walk n Flex

If you understand that change starts with yourself, then please help me spread the word about Walk n Flex. My mission at Wheelers Innovations, is to change lives through exercise and Physical Training, leading to better health, happiness and inner strength.

My first journey out of high school , was the United States Navy.  There is where I learned the strength and importance of being a Team. As a Dental Technician/Coreman on a Platform, I served 3 years with the Navy, 2 years with the Marines. Those were some of the best years of my life! Traveling the United States and Over Seas, there are so many struggles, and so much pain, and I'd like to do My best, to assist in many ways. 

Becoming a Registered Nurse, and working with Miilitary Service Members, their Families, and Veterans, reminded me that I have a greater purpose. I love to help others, make people smile, and put their minds at ease,  even if only for a short time, so Nursing was an excellent start.

Now that I've tackled those challenges, I'm ready to move forward with my first Invention Walk n Flex, by Wheelers Innovations, LLC.  I have a Patent Pending, and have submitted my first Utility Patent for Walk n Flex, so things are moving along. I'd like to work with an Investor(s) and/or a business person with a great eye, looking to agree on a licensing deal and much more.  Walk n Flex is the next progressional chapter in Adjustable Resistance Training. Its going to happen. Now, with who you ask? Me and __________<--YOU?

I really want to thank all of you for taking the time to read about Myself and Walk n Flex. Networking through LinkedIn, Facebook and has been amazing however, I believe The Wellness Universe is full of World Changers and I look forward to Networking with you motivating and inspirational people. Until we meet again, I thank you.

Spread the Love and remember to Pay It Forward. 


Jennifer Luis, Registered Nurse

Business Owner/Inventor, Wheelers Innovations, LLC


Jennifer Luis

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