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Welcome!  I'm Jennifer Whitacre, an Empowerment Strategist.

I work with clients who are ready to take a new direction and stop sabotaging their own best efforts at implementing the change they want for themselves.  I help my clients become aware of their own subtle, stealthy, self-sabotaging patterns of behavior by teaching them how identify their own subtle patterns.  Then I guide them through the process of modifying the behaviors that prove to be a hindrance while enhancing beneficial patterns.

I do not want life-long clients.  My goal is to teach my clients to feel confident in using these skills for themselves because that's where true empowerment lies. I give people the tools they can use throughout their entire lives to manage stress, anxiety, overwhelm, worry, fear, anger, and other troublesome emotions.  I also help my clients learn how to shift unhealthy habits that range from behavioral patterns to thought patterns to emotional triggers.

Learn the skills to mange these tripping points, and you'll have what you need to manage life's curveballs while maintaining forward momentum in life.

I have a lifetime of experience in learning to manage my own troublesome emotions, and over 10 years experience working with clients in my private practice as Myofascial Therapist.  Over that 10 year period, my Empowerment Strategist program emerged because I quickly identified that structural work wasn't enough.  Too often I could see the connections among an individuals emotional health, mental health, spiritual health, and physical health.

When I started to look beyond the physical structure to work with the entire person, something magical started to happen.  My clients started to get better, and they stopped coming in to see me!  And, that's exactly what I wanted to see!  Smiling, Healthy, Empowered, Pain-Free, Functional, and Adaptive Former clients.


It's my own life story that led me here in life.  I have learned techniques to manage my own thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, perceptions, and emotions that, when left unchecked, have the potential to lead to depression, anxiety, worry, panic attacks, PTSD, cPTSD, and other dysregulations of the central nervous system.  Sure, I still get triggered and life still isn't fair.  Not every day is a fun, happy day.  The difference is now I can manage how I respond to those days.  I feel empowered knowing that I can choose my emotional response, I can interrupt critical and unhelpful thought processes, I can question my own beliefs, and I can consciously shift my own internal state when I feel myself backsliding.

Knowing that I have a choice over how I respond to any given situation has left me with an overwhelming sense of Empowerment that I'd like to share with you!


Jennifer Whitacre, BA, MA, LMT, NMT has training in:

Somatic Experiencing
Compassionate Inquiry
Myofascial Release Therapy
CranioSacral Therapy
Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Subtle Energy
And, she is a certified instructor for the Body Language Institute

Because Jennifer loves learning, in her spare time she enjoys reading non-fiction subjects that relate to and enhance her work, such as neuroscience, quantum physics, abuse and trauma, cosmology, personality types, enneagram, human behavior, consciousness, psychedelic therapy, and self-development, to name a few.

Please send Jennifer a message on here if you are interested in learning more about her Empowerment Strategy program.

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