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Living in Survival Mode

If you had met me when I was 35 years old, you would have never guessed that I’d “grow up” to be a life coach. In fact, what I really needed back then was my own life coach. I spent my adult life as the President and CEO of our multimillion dollar family steel business, driven by the need to be “successful,” to live up to my parents’ expectations and to provide financially for my family. To say I was stressed out would be an understatement. To say I was happy would be a lie. I was in survival mode: eat, sleep, work, repeat. Don’t get me wrong, I had a wonderful life by all accounts and purposes. I had a wife who I loved, three wonderful children, a beautiful house with a swimming pool in the yard, and family vacations to look forward to a few times a year. From the outside, my life looked quite perfect. But I was so focused on being something I wasn’t, so dedicated to growing a business I didn’t even really like, so committed to living up to everyone else’s expectations, that I didn’t realize that choosing happiness was even an option.

Unfortunately, my health was the first thing to go. I had been diagnosed with Crohn’s in my 20s—a disease that’s known to be linked to stress—and struggled to find a cocktail of meds that would ease the debilitating symptoms I was experiencing. By the time I was 50, in what was supposed to be the height of my career, I was in and out of the hospital awaiting my first Crohn’s surgery. And, while it might sound cliché, as I lay there in the recovery room (with my middle son down the hall also undergoing his own gastrointestinal surgery for ulcerative colitis) I realized that something was not right and I could no longer go on living the way I had been. I didn’t want profits to be my guiding force. I didn’t want to sacrifice my health and wellbeing for some vision of “success” my parents had instilled in me—without my input. I didn’t want to feel exhausted, uninspired, aggravated, and unhappy almost all of the time.

So I took a leap—metaphorically of course—and I jumped off the fast track to mental breakdown and
into what I’ve come to call my journey of self-discovery.

From Breakdown to Breakthrough

They say sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before you can change your life—and while perhaps that was the case for me, one of the reasons I do what I do is to help others avoid that deep, dark place at the bottom of the pit where inspiration is really hard to find.

For me, the climb back up was out of necessity. I simply couldn’t continue living the way I was living. It would take far too long to tell you the whole story of my transformation here, but you can read about it in the book I co-authored with my son, Empowered YOUth: A Father and Son’s Journey to Conscious Living (Hay House) if you are interested.

What I will tell you is that one step at a time I began to change the way I thought, the way I acted, and the way I lived my life. It did not happen overnight. And the learning and growth continue to this day. I worked with many life coaches over the years, I read every self-help and personal empowerment book I could get my hands on, I watched documentaries, listened to audio recordings, read articles, attended intensive workshops, and did a lot of work on myself. I learned to meditate. I learned to free-flow journal. I learned to accept and love myself for who I was. And all of that learning and growth paid off in more ways than I ever could have imagined.

I am happy. I live life the way I want to live it. I understand my own values and beliefs and conduct myself based on those. I am closer with my children than I ever was when they were growing up. I have a loving relationship with my wife, who happens to be my best friend. I get silly and play with my grandchildren, even though I never really played with my own children. I do what I love every single day, and I get to help people in the process. It’s the best possible life, and I’m living it.

Are You Ready For Change?

If any of that resonated with you, then you’ve come to the right place. Even if you know that what you’re going through is much worse than what I lived through. Even if you’re only experiencing a tenth of the insecurity, stress, frustration, anxiety, or dis-ease that I lived with. No matter what your story is—you’re exactly where you need to be.

Because no matter how difficult things are, how frustrating or hopeless or stressful they seem, there’s always something you can do about it. As a Coach, I’ve worked with hundreds of people across Canada and the United States. I work with executives, doctors, entrepreneurs, parents, students, couples, patients, survivors, coaches, healers, ordinary people—anyone who, like me, wants to live a happier, more connected, less stressful life. I coach people through illness and recovery, relationships both at the beginning and the end, career transitions, parenting struggles, grief, reinvention, and more. I also help people find their own spiritual beliefs that they can feel comfortable with, as well as teach people how to connect with their intuition.

My clients say I’m a really good listener, that I’m authentic in what I teach and the way I live my life, I’m open-minded, non-judgmental, and create a space where people are free to be who they truly are, no matter what that is. I am blessed to have a beautiful space in Toronto from which I coach, both in person and on the phone, and I hope you’ll come see it for yourself.

Check out my website at

The Story of Shaltazar

Nearly 7 years ago I tapped into the energy of Shaltazar, a divine entity that comes forth through me in the written and spoken word. I realized that the powerful messages from Shaltazar were changing the way I saw the world and my place in it. Through healing circles, group channelings, and private spiritual coaching, I continue to bring the wisdom of Shaltazar to the many. I have come to believe that this wisdom is best understood and integrated in a more sensory way. I, therefore, decided to create the Shaltazar website incorporating audio, video, and the written word in hopes of sharing this divine wisdom with as many people as possible all over the world.

In these rapidly changes times, many of us are facing challenges and struggles that are more intense and overwhelming than ever before. We are desperately seeking “answers” that will help us get to a more happy and fulfilled place. Life is moving so quickly that the answers we’re looking for often elude us—passing us by as we busily live our lives. But when we stop and take the time to listen, the answers we’re searching for can be heard.


The teachings of Shaltazar allow us to interpret life from an entirely different perspective; offering insights that help us experience more peace, harmony, and contentment. These messages allow us to slow down, look inward, and connect to a power so great that radical change cannot be stopped. No matter what’s going on in the world around you or in your own life, the wisdom from Shaltazar will help you experience greater inner peace. These messages will set you free.

Check out the Shaltazar website at

I am also an avid nature and travel photographer. I love sharing nature's beauty with the world. Check out my photo website here




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