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    ‘Adam may have paid a rib for the pleasure of having a mate, but it does not need to cost you an arm and a leg to help a mate!’
    It is an inspiring time of the year for many people, but it is not that way for all. Some barely make it through the holidays because the business is closed and there is no pay. Others have to pretend or lie to their children about Santa because they do not have the funds to buy presents this year and some go without.
    Sacrifice seems to come hand in hand with over-spending and huge credit card debt.
    It does not have to be that way!
    Last year, my family and I decided to shake the gift giving up a little and we had so much fun and I would like to share this with you.
    We all decided to buy one gift, ranging from $20 – $2000 and it was depending on the individual budgets. The gift was to be given to ourselves.
    That’s right – we bought a pressie for ourselves but we were not allowed to tell anyone what it was, including our spouses. On Christmas day, we got to open this mystery present and the other family members had to guess what it was. It was an opportunity for everyone to see if they knew the people they had dinner with!
    Of course the usual questions came long with it – “does it have batteries” – and so forth but it was such a great experience.
    This also gave each person the chance to stop credit card debt, choose a present which was needed or really wanted, keep a secret and have some fun doing it.
    Which brings me back to this fourth chance at change. Change must incorporate all areas of our lives from the daily grind to the yearly cycles and Christmas is a great place to begin. It is the ending one year and marks the beginning of a new year and as we always teach our students . . . end anything on a high because that is the energy which you will begin the next opportunity with.
    Change Christmas and gift something that does not have to cost money-
    – it can be a helping hand
    – it can be a gift
    – it can be time
    – it can be forgiveness
    – it can be closure –
    – anything which comes freely and lifts someone up.
    Christmas should not be about consumerism, it is about thoughtfulness . . .
    – Jaylee Balch –