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    Our progression as a conscious species relies on our ability to pass the wind right through us. I know . . . you may chuckle right now yet, we cling to the very attitudes which bind us and weigh us down. We are the personal sticker boards for every word spoken or comment thrown around on the post-it tongues of those around us. Each word that we accept through our auditory canal, we take personally . . . as if the world conspires against us. Each comment thrown randomly towards our indifference and internal criticism, enters our personal domain, nestling in our inner sanctum.
    It is not enough that we have an entire library of words clogging the shelves of our inner self, accepted in from family and friends and voices of authority and society. It is not enough that we struggle day to day to define ourselves from the books of old dimensions of thought and judgements . . . and restrictions.
    It is time to clear out the library of internal words, banter, chatter and nonsense and light a pyre up with which to burn the personal tragedies and dramas, horror stories, war stories and such. These books or journals litter our internal space and the tales of woe bring our internal library down to a mediocre source of entertainment.
    Where once upon a time, libraries like the Great Alexandrian one, ransacked for the material contained within its hallowed halls, hosted great tales. Now we visit libraries that lack the stories and tales which made us a great race. Our internal libraries, crafted by our own acceptance of our own worth and uniqueness, barely contain an exciting tale or two.
    Pile up those stories that need to be burnt upon the fires . . . throw out those words that bind you and tie you to who you are . . . expel those ideas which bring shame upon such a divine and loving being such as your self. Burn them, transmute them and transform them and allow the wind to move through you to carry the ashes away.
    Accept only the words that build a great internal library.
    -Jaylee Balch-