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    ANXIETY – The Mother of all Jokes

    It is the number one cause of any client coming to see us at the moment, as Hypnotherapists!
    It was so prolific that we had to dig deeper and go beyond what common understanding had to say about it. As an epidemic, it is a dis-ease which is affecting so many people and there are no boundaries as to ages, stereotypes or conditions. It seems to be crossing all borders and defying all rhythms. This is what made us search in the unknown landscapes where science barely dips a toe. . .
    We could pick up the obvious markers, such as the physiological ones, the emotional ones and the mental ones – all pretty understandable.
    But we had to dig deeper into the spiritual ones to gain a bird’s eye view of the bigger picture.
    What we discovered was a pandemic of unknown fears!
    Each person who needs a session has underlying unidentified fears, which ruminate beneath the surface causing discomfort – at a simple level – and anxiety at a heightened level. Now, looking at fear is a big subject and identifying all those fears can be time consuming and folks with anxiety don’t want to waste any more time if they can help it.
    So, we had get a bird’s eye view on what kind of fears and narrow them or it down, so that each time a client comes to see us, we can use the silver bullet – so to speak.
    What we discovered was that it was not A FEAR that we were hunting, or a group of fears but something else . . .
    It was the fear of the future . . .
    This changed the way we viewed anxiety because we no longer needed to focus so intensely on identifying individual emotions and their associated fears, but could begin to direct the client towards a future which they had never considered.
    When a person does not have a dream, a future to look forward to or an uncertain future where they do not have stability and don’t belong, it can percolate beneath the surface.
    When the future is so deeply unknown and a person has not made up their mind as to who they are in the future and they live so solidly in the past, anxiety is their bedfellow.
    That it is so widely spread, it a testament to the state of the world.
    Where is the world going?
    Where are we all going?
    That is for you to decide, to make your mind up and to come to a beautiful and positive conclusion. Help your friends, family and neighbours to think into the future and to make it wonderful!
    – Jaylee Balch –