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My name is Jared Scherz and I’m a clinical psychologist living in Mount Laurel, NJ. I own a wholeness center called Integrative Therapy Center (ITC), where we offer a variety of modalities including yoga, massage, spiritual counseling and psychotherapy.


My current focus is a project intended to integrate personal growth and professional development for educators worldwide. Through a hybrid of live and virtual training, TeacherCoach helps both educators and families with every aspect of their life at home and work.


This project goes well beyond helping families and educators. The long term goal is to level the playing field in education by making schools financially self-sufficient. In doing so the project will support teachers and families worldwide, raise the quality of training for educators, and support families, predominantly in high need areas.


I have a strong conviction about inequality in the U.S. If we don’t do something dramatic and do it soon, segregation will become so entrenched in our schools there will be no turning it around. We will continue spending more money on our prison system than our students, continue to rely on stop gap measures to fill teaching shortages, and continue turning out poorly educated and severely disadvantaged young adults.


We need to reverse the trends of teacher stress, turnover, and low job satisfaction. We need to change the trend of half our student population being disengaged at school. We need to restore the U.S. Educational system to greatness, by making high quality supports available to all and not just those who can afford it.


In short, we will make apartheid an acceptable solution to public education. If we allow ‘philanthropists’ like Gates, Broad, and Walton to continue their influence on our educational system by moving us toward ‘choice’ (segregation) and ‘test based’ accountability, the achievement gap (opportunity gap) will widen.



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