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Jan White, LFIBA, RMT, D.D.

The Future is Now... It's Time To Rediscover Who You Really Are!

When anxiety, depression, grief, fear, or frustration may become overwhelming...

 Artistry of Change presents the knowledge to understand how to more easily and objectively go through the next stage in materializing into your life what you really want ... of mastering the Process of Change, which is the vehicle Life uses to redefine Who You Really Are, and chart you on the course in identifying and attaining your desires and goals.

A "whole-istic" approach is used in attaining the client's goals, and more importantly, in mastering the challenges and opportunities of Change. 

Jan integrates concepts of the Process of Change, Universal Laws, holistic Mind/Body/Spirit philosophies and techniques, Spiritual Emergence experience, and the use of Spiritual/Healing Energy

 In-person, mobile, phone, and Skype sessions available.

 Benefits You Will Enjoy: * Accelerated energy level * Relief of Stress * Improved Relationships & Harmony * Release of bottlenecks & limitations * Empowerment & optimization of abilities & direction * Feeling whole & complete * Increased creativity * Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Growth

Jan White, LFIBA, RMT, D.D.

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