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Jan Taylor

The home of love, light and abundance

I am a Reiki Master practitioner, crystal therapist, spiritual guidance coach and intuitive business coach. I help ladies that feel stuck and overwhelmed to turn their lives and business's around using master reiki energy and crystal therapy.  

Having turned my own life around using the law of attraction and Reiki, I specialise in helping people to become unstuck and move their lives forward in the right direction. I run an spiritual membership group for people opening up to spiritual concepts, helping them to turn their lives around by sending Master Reiki energy 3-4 times a week to help them manifest their intentions. I also train them to develop their intuition with a structured program of videos, presentations and training documents. Have a look at what goes on in our group. We all love it and I am sure you would too:

“We may all be in the same boat but we will get there faster if we row together”, Jan Taylor

I also help transfer exasperated business moms from chaos, overwhelm and stuck to calm and productive using intuition, support and master manifesting energy:


Check out all my products and services in my online store:

Jan Taylor

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