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    FREE DISTANT HEALING – Thursday 14th January 2021 at 9 pm UK time.

    My website: https://www.janetlawson.co.uk/

    Since April 2015, I’ve asked various Beings of Light to connect to people around the world through my Free Distant Healing sessions. As I’m a qualified spiritual teacher of Angels, Ascension & Lemurian Planetary Healing with the Diana Cooper School of White Light, any spiritual information I write about will be connected to these qualifications, unless marked otherwise. Diana Cooper has been able to see and hear the various Beings of Light for many years.

    You can ask your Guardian Angel to connect you to this healing energy at any time after 9 pm, UK time, on the day of healing. Please scroll further down the post for suggested guidelines on how to connect to this distant healing session.

    The Beings of Light I will call on this week are:
    ARCHANGEL GABRIEL: he is a pure white source of archangel energy for white contains all spectrums. He represents the higher form of purity held within the hearts of humanity. Archangel Gabriel is overseeing the purification of the planet as well as that of all sentient beings who live here. He is in charge of the element of fire, holding the pure White Flame to bring everything through the transmutation of fire to the highest possible frequency (1).
    ARCHANGEL HOPE: she is the twin flame of Archangel Gabriel and brings new opportunities and inspiration to the planet (1). Archangel Hope ignites a higher expectation within our consciousness, helping us to focus on the positive outcome of our challenges (2).
    DIVINE MOTHER MARY, MOTHER OF JESUS: she also works with the Unicorns (4).
    THE UNICORNS: these pure white horses are of the angelic realms and live in the 7th dimension. While angels work with us through our heart, Unicorns work with us at a soul level (3).

    Reference book used for this session:
    1) The Archangel Guide to Ascension: 55 steps to the light by Diana Cooper and Tim Whild.
    2) Ascension Through Orbs by Diana Cooper and Kathy Crosswell.
    3) The Wonder of Unicorns by Diana Cooper
    4) Unicorn cards by Diana Cooper

    This distant healing session can be enjoyed by anybody, regardless of where you live, and you don’t need to register or inform me that you’re taking part. As this healing energy is created by ascended Beings of Light, it will remain active for as long as someone requests to connect to it. This means that you can ask your Guardian Angel to connect you to this healing energy any time after it has been created. You may even feel the Beings of Light connecting to you individually and directly.


    With regards to the weeks when I invoke the Beings of Light connected to the different stars and planets, I would like to mention that although we don’t have any knowledge of what kind of energy is connected to the different stars and planets at a third-dimensional physical level, there are Great Beings of Light connected to all the stars and planets and it is this high intelligence that I call on during my healing sessions. I have a close relationship with my Guardian Angel, Spirit Guides and the group of Archangels that I regularly work with, and since 2014 I have been connecting regularly with a powerful Universal Angel called Archangel Butyalil, who helps me liaise with the universal Beings of Light. I also want to say that I take these healing sessions very seriously and before invoking the powerful energies each week, I am surrounded by my spiritual team; I have asked Archangel Zadkiel to blaze the Violet Flame of Transmutation through my aura, chakras and physical body, to prepare me to connect with the Great Beings of Light that I am calling on, and I also ask Archangel Michael to stand beside me.

    Here is a suggested format for you to follow.
    • Light a candle in a quiet room where you can relax for at least 10-15 minutes and dedicate the light to God, Archangel Michael, your Guardian Angel and the energies invoked for this healing session. If you don’t have a real candle, then dedicate the light from a battery candle.
    • Sit or lie somewhere comfortable.
    • Ask Archangel Michael (angel of truth and protection) to step forward and to stand beside you during your healing. This request can be done with your thoughts. When we send a request for the angels to come close to us, they always do, even if we can’t see them.
    • Ask your Guardian Angel to connect you to this healing energy (with your thoughts), and ask for you to receive this energy where it is needed for your highest and greatest need. If you are requesting that healing has to be sent to other people or animals, then write their name(s) on a piece of paper and ask Archangel Michael to help them receive this healing frequency energy for their highest and greatest need and under the Spiritual Law of Grace. This is because that person may have agreed at a soul level to experience a particular challenge or illness in this lifetime.
    • Close your eyes and relax.
    • When you feel the healing session has ended, ask Archangel Michael to remove any energetic cords that need to be removed. Old painful memories may be brought forward during a healing session so that these painful memories can be seen from a higher perspective of understanding and forgiveness. Archangel Michael can release any powerful cords that are keeping us attached to those memories, allowing those painful feelings and memories to be released, and energy of a higher vibration and healing to enter and take its place.
    • Thank God, the angels and the Beings of Light for helping you.
    • Take a drink of water that you have asked God to bless.

    Everybody responds differently to a healing session e.g., one person may suddenly feel sleepy, while another person may feel full of energy. You may feel tingling in certain areas, a cold feeling, or even a warm feeling! You may see images appearing in your mind or a long-forgotten memory may return and if this happens, allow these feelings and memories to be released to God. However, you may feel calm and free of thoughts. Some people find they have strange dreams afterwards and this is also a way of the body healing and shifting stuck energies.

    How we respond depends on where the healing is being directed to and what issues need to be shifted e.g., one person may receive healing in a particular chakra, while another person may receive healing in an aspect of their aura. Healing may be sent to the energy of the past we are still holding onto and this can bring forward long-forgotten memories that need to be acknowledged, forgiven, and released. Whichever form this healing session takes, will be the right form for you.

    Love and Light
    Janet Lawson – qualified spiritual teacher of Angels, Ascension, & Lemurian Planetary Healing with the Diana Cooper School of White Light.
    Qualified Usui Reiki Therapist