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I am writer, mentor and coach for women on living a life free of illness and injury, confidence and joy, via the holistic natural and spiritual way of living.

* How to achieve superior long-term health and wellbeing via the natural holistic lifestyle, living solely with natures resources. A life free of toxins, chemicals, man-made foods and products, free of illness and injury.

* How to achieve a fit flexible body through learning an injury-free way to move the body with ease, efficiency and enjoyment.

* How to tap in and connect with the uniqueness, individuality and speciality of YOU, the real you. Where your true essence shines, living and giving out from a place of authenticity and realness.

* How to live with freedom based on your life values and what brings you happiness and joy.  Only surrounding yourself with people you love to be with, live in an environment where you thrive, and live with inner confidence that oozes with love, and doing what inspires and uplifts you.

As a Holistic Health and Fitness Coach, the Programs that I offer are:

* Nature Cure Nutritional Coaching for the active health-conscious woman.

 How to give the body nourishing foods to avoid illness, aiding quick recovery from exercise, and preventing injuries.

* How to include the powerful healing of raw living foods from nature into the diet.

For superior long-term health and wellbeing,  increase everyday vitality and energy, and assist the body to slow down the ageing process .

* How to run and fitness walk with Chi Running and Walking.

Learn how to run and walk injury free, with less pain and discomfort, and with ease and enjoyment for life.

Body alignment and relaxation:

Instead of using muscular effort to walk or run, that creates effort and pain, learn good posture alignment and relaxation in the body. This will remove the tension and stress, that makes body forward movement easier and efficient.

The aches and pains associated from moving your body from awkward positions, when in a bad…

Awards and Affiliations

Nature Cure and Holistic Living Certification - How to live with natures resources of living foods and wild foods for superior long-term health to prevent illness and disease.

Chi Running and Walking Certification. Injury free efficient way to move the body based on holistic living approach of long-term fitness, health…

Causes and Organizations

Chi Living - Holistic living for long-term health

Chi Running and Walking Association


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