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Jamie Smedstad

Give your POWER back to YOU!

Hello Everyone!

A little about me...

I have been a healer for over ten years and have 4 masters in varying healing modalities.  I have all the Clairs.... (clairvoyance, clarsentience, clairaudience, and claircognizance) since birth (it was a real problem as a child, talk about an antenna to the heavens!)  I have been a professional psychic for 14 years and this includes basic readings (with or without cards), medical intuition, mediumship, channeling, palmistry, and professional remote viewing.  I have been studying astrology for 9 years and love the subject!  I continue bettering myself in this area because it is a passion.  I have literally traveled all over the globe (thanks to working for the Gov't for ten years) sharing and giving the gifts I have with others and thankfully have a lovely international friend base because of it. 


I was featured as a guest host on the Living Through Spirit CBS radio show for 2 years where I did mostly medical/love/financial readings and astrological reports.  


I am an ordained reverend in the Universal light Church (for the past 4 years) and have performed everything from world wide healings, baptisms, weddings, to red tent ceremonies (priestess initiation) and manhood (priesthood) initiations (etc).  I also belong to the the American Association of Psychics and Healers, which require an extensive interview and testing process to ensure you can do what you say (member for the past 5 years).


As a high priestess of Universal Alchemy, my Master focus (because it is very much like getting a Master's degree) was manifestation (spells, intention-based petitions), healing (I developed my own healing called R3 (Remote healing, Remote Influence, Remote Viewing =R3)), and holistic nutrition (herbology). Most people pick one main discipline or a major and minor, I choose three main disciplines and two minors and it took 10 years to finish that education and three years in the field, so to speak.  My two minor disciplines are with pregnant women and children (doulaship and teaching children spirituality and self mastery).


I have published articles on psychic ability, health/wellness, personal growth, healing, and nutrition…

Jamie Smedstad

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