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Jamie Rinaldi

Stay in shape without depriving yourself!

I have been a registered dietitian since 2001, with my main job having been clinical since the beginning. On the side, I've held private practice, consulted for doctors' offices (on weight management and all aspects of nutrition), consulted for fitness centers, worked at a sleep away weight loss camp ("as a nutritionist"), wrote professionally, taught the Food and Nutrition class for a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator course....I'm sure I'm forgetting some things, it's been 19 years! I am just now starting my online coaching business, with my "signature program" being a 12-week weight loss program for women who don't want to give up indulgences (like wine and pizza).

Certifications and Credentials

Master of Science in Applied Physiology & Nutrition, Columbia University Teachers College

Registered Dietitian

Working on obtaining my health coach certification from the National Society of Health Coaches

Jamie Rinaldi

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