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Jamie Rinaldi

Stay in shape without depriving yourself!

I have been a registered dietitian since 2001, however I haven't always been in the best shape for the last 19 years! Despite what I knew, I tried fad diets and at times severely restricted my intake to be slim. Eventually I would eat a slice of pizza or a brownie, and then completely "fall off the wagon" and gain weight with the help of Dunkin Donuts, Domino's, etc... When I was in that place, I was disgusted with myself, hated looking at my body in the mirror, felt like a failure when I tried to zip up my jeans, and always covered myself up with baggy sweatshirts and sweaters. I battled this vicious cycle for years before figuring out how to enjoy the good stuff AND be thin and fit. In the distant past, my form of weight loss counseling was telling people what to eat, how much, and when, because this is what we are often taught to do as health professionals. Of course, doing what I say gets results, but how sustainable are they if the client isn't happy with the plan? Having been my own guinea pig and studying the science of health coaching, I have a refreshed approach. I help women who love food (and wine, like me!) lose weight and keep it off, ON THEIR TERMS. My weight loss coaching practice is solely virtual at this time due to COVID-19, and consists of one-on-one coaching, videos, and short assignments to get women to their goal.

Certifications and Credentials

Master of Science in Applied Physiology & Nutrition, Columbia University Teachers College

Registered Dietitian

Working on obtaining my health coach certification from the National Society of Health Coaches

Jamie Rinaldi

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