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James Simons

Information plus Empowerment equals HEALTH

The philosophy I have developed over the last 30 years is about correcting the underlying nutritional deficiencies that cause many of the health problems people experience as they age.  Most of the so-called age-related medical conditions are actually self-inflicted by ignorance of how the human body works.  These diseases can be a result of poor food choices, excessive use of stimulants, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and the use and abuse of prescription or street drugs. 


There are no magic pills that can undo a poor lifestyle.  What I have found to work for many of my clients and myself is a combination of good dietary choices, appropriate supplementation, daily exercise and stress reduction. 


Maintaining health may appear to be hard work.  Like any other habit a human develops, it is only hard because it is different.  An old habit takes 30 days to break.  A new habit develops in 30 days and becomes the norm after 90 days. 


Clients then and now ask me how I am able to help them with their physical and sometimes emotional problems.  I tell my clients the body is a bioelectric machine.  The way the body works makes sense to me.  I tell them the body, when supplied with the necessary foods, will live to its genetic potential.



My journey into the alternative health field began 30 years ago as a way to work with my father.  I lived and worked in Europe for three years and then on the east coast for another nine years.  In late 1994 my father asked me to help him establish a new health business.  I had just finished my degrees in electronics and business management.  I talked this over with my wife and we decided that moving west would be the good for both of our careers.  I had no idea how this…

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James Simons

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