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Jacquie Nelson Walburn

Health Transformation Engineer Empowering YOU To Take Back YOUR Health using target paleo/keto protocols, foods, botanicals, nutritionals, & lifestyle to rebalance the body into a healing state.

I empower YOU to take charge of YOUR health naturally.

"Love yourself from the outside in with food so that your body will love you back".

I am a 'Food Is Medicine' advocate. By using food, botanicals or herbals, and nutritional supplements, we can re-balance the body back to a healthy state. I have been on my own journey to heal myself for over 40 yrs. Even with a BS Nutrition, I was not educated in the complexities of food until my own declining health issues motivated me to delve into the current research to discover the truths about our food system, the information in food and botanicals to provide our bodies with what it needs, causes of auto-immunity, inflammation, and pain, and to love my body with food so that my body loves me back. My focus has been the leaky gut and its link to the microbiome within us that is responsible for so much of our health. Feeding these friendly bugs what they need to take care of us as they actually interact with our genes turning them on and off.

Awards and Affiliations

BS Nutrition + Gastro-Intestinal Mastery certification from the Integrative Medicine Academy

Causes and Organizations

"30 days to change" opportunity. I am part of the solution to change our 'sickcare' system to a functional, root cause resolution system that focuses on the individual to reverse, cure, remiss, and lose the meds for the health issues we face today one client at a time.

Jacquie Nelson Walburn

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