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Jacqueline Vanderpuye

Being The Change I Wish To See

Go deep and live life from your authentic truth within and watch your most authentic self full of love, peace and beauty manifest out into the world—D.S Clark

My spiritual journey, as well as my journey through life, has been an ever-changing experience. An experience rich with challenges and triumphs that have kept me believing in the power of oneself. I'm realising that the journey is unique for each of us and every step we take is a process of learning and unravelling ourselves. The journey is tailor-made for each individual and no two paths are the same, and this for me, is really the beauty and wonder of life.

How amazing life can truly be when we find the courage to live our authentic selves!

My name is Jacqueline, I was born and raised in London, but have travelled and lived in many countries. I think of myself as having no nationality, that I simply belong to the world. I am a global citizen, but I now call Sweden home, for it's where I've lived for the last 2 years with my partner.

For me, life is an exciting adventure that just gets better and better. It took on a deeper meaning when the connection with my higher self or divine started to unfold, manifesting itself into a natural way of living and being. Today I accept that I walk and talk with my divine in a very physical way.

I am a writer and blogger who likes to write about healthy eating, wellness, fitness, general wellbeing and spirituality. I enjoy sharing the life journey insights I've gained through the articles and blog posts I write.

I love meditation, travel and I'm a spiritual guide and medium. I give mediumship readings for people who want to connect with loved ones who have transitioned to the spirit world. The readings often include messages of encouragement, which can offer reassurance to the friends and family members that are left.

I also give personal auric readings which serve as guidance during difficult, challenging or transitional phases in life, when we need support…

Jacqueline Vanderpuye

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