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Jack Humphrey

SEO and Marketing Coach For Businesses Doing Good In The World

I've been a digital marketing coach, software developer, author, and coach for going on 18 years. In that time I've roughly calculated that my impact on my businesses and my clients and students is in the 2 billion visitors area (on the conservative side). I've moved my business coaching focus to people and businesses that help to bring light and healing into our world, not just profits. I'm happy to talk about your marketing and do a free assessment of your SEO and potential new opportunities to reach more of your audience. Drop me a line!

Through my books and courses, membership sites, coaching programs, and one-on-one coaching, I've helped tens of thousands of people get a lot of traffic and conversions for their businesses. Yet in recent years I've yearned for more meaning. I started thinking more and more about legacy and what can be done to help my son have the best world possible to live in long after I am gone.

Over the years, I've taken a keen interest in meditation and all the key indicators of a person on a search. A Seeker. My principal questions these days are around Happiness.

  • How are happy people, well, happy most of the time?
  • How can we all be happy as a default, normal state instead of a pleasant surprise, once-in-awhile state?
  • What tools can I create to elevate the consiousness of those I touch to make happy their default state or position instead of fear, anger or any of the lower emotions?

To that end, I created and the "Thrive Global Challenge." 
I want the world to be a better, more stable, less violent, and generally happier place. I know that to achieve this will solve so many of the world's problems in one fell swoop with no need to have gonvernments create 512-point plans for each of the very big things we need to fix.

My theory is that "happy people don't suck."
So a happy person physically cannot cut someone off in traffic and flip them the bird. A…

Causes and Organizations - spreading happiness through easy, fun meditation practice.

Jack Humphrey

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