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Dr. Jacalyn

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Founder/President of USA GLOBAL TV. "THE LISTENING MENTOR", TV/Radio Show Host. Global Broadcaster. Best Selling Author, Certified Life & Career Coach. Certified Yoga & Meditation Teacher. WOMEN OF HEART AWARD 2021

Dr. Jacalyn is a certified holistic, career and life coach doing business as Dr. Jacalyn LLC.
Dr. Jacalyn partners with clients to help them overcome adversity and with tv/radio show guests to share their stories of inspiration and hope to help others.

As Executive Producer and TV show Host of Rapping with Dr. Jacalyn™️ LIVE at 5 pm on Business Talk Radio simultaneously LIVE Streaming on Facebook LIVE (Dr. Jacalyn LL, Jacalyn Kerbeck and Dr. Jacalyn’s Health and Wellness pages) and on You Tube LIVE (Dr. Jacalyn LLC).

Each week, she and her co-host provide guests a safe, comfortable and fun atmosphere to share their stories of when and how they overcame adversity. The focus of the show is to help listeners/viewers realize they are not alone and be inspired to move forward in their own lives.

Dr. Jacalyn hosts the Tuesday morning coffee show on RVNtv from 8-9 am. She interviews several guests on hot topics each week. As TV Show Host of Rapping with Dr. Jacalyn™️ LIVE on RVNtv on Wednesdays at Noon ET and Thursdays at 9 pm ET, Dr. Jacalyn interviews guests in person and via Zoom (during COVID-19) to hear about their life journey, where they are today and how they overcame adversity.

Dr. Jacalyn is a life-long learner as encouraged by her parents, Jack and Joyce. She has a Masters Degree in Finance and a Doctorate in Business Administration. Her doctoral dissertation was focused on driving behavior change with people. She used archival survey data to triangulate how gender and generation of a pharmaceutical sales force was impacted by employee recognition programs.

She thrived during her decades of work in corporate America working in telecommunications for AT&T and Siemens. Her next career move was in calling on C-Suite executives to help them solve business issues related to sales, marketing and human resources. She was able to travel with her clients and learn about other cultures.
In working with a life coach, Dr. Jacalyn created a business plan and road map to start her own business. As a certified life coach, Dr. Jacalyn is blessed to meet many fascinating people who genuinely want to help others by sharing their stories. The tv and radio platforms are the perfect compliment for this.

In addition, Dr. Jacalyn has launched the Rapping with Dr. Jacalyn™️ Podcast that is available on many popular platforms.

Having been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 1991, Dr. Jacalyn is keenly aware of the challenges of having a chronic and incurable disease that has impacted her nearly 3-6 months of every year. In 2018, she was diagnosed with facial eczema and scalp psoriasis. As such, Dr. Jacalyn is very involved with the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation as a committee member, team leader, support groups leader and board member. She also fundraises for the National Psoriasis Foundation. She has spoken publicly about life with 3 auto immune diseases and high blood pressure.

During the pandemic, Dr. Jacalyn became a certified Corepower yoga sculpt teacher and offers classes online each week through her Website: She is taking teacher training for meditation certification from The Path.

Dr. Jacalyn has been a guest on a number of radio programs and Facebook live shows. She is thrilled to announce that she will be the Executive Producer and Host on a 60 minute Rapping with Dr. Jacalyn™️ LIVE on Business Talk Radio with the schedule to be announced soon. She will soon be joining the Team at Business Talk Radio to host 8 minute and 30 minute interviews on Saturdays. Stay tuned for details.

To learn more, go to: to book your appearance as a guest on any of her programs, to sign up for her Newsletter, read her blog, schedule a yoga class or register for a support group meeting.

Dr. Jacalyn was recently interviewed by Dr. Neil Nandi; a gastroenterologist with Penn Medicine. She was also a guest on the Ralph Graves Jr. show on WWDB. 860 am.

[email protected]

Awards and Affiliations

Honored Hero for the 2018 Spin 4 Cures for the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation.
Most active volunteer for the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation 2018.
Number 1 in individual fundraising for the National Psoriasis Foundation Philadelphia Walk 2019.
Dr. J's Colitis Crew 2nd highest team in fundraising for the Philadelphia Walk 2019.

Causes and Organizations

Crohn's & Colitis Foundation: Board of Directors, Support Group Facilitator, Team Captain for Take Steps, Spin 4 Cures, Team Challenge. Committee member for Evening of Hope Gala. Volunteer and fundraiser, member of the Patient Education Committee.

National Psoriasis Foundation: Volunteer and Fundraiser.

Certifications and Credentials

Masters Degree in Business Administration with a focus on Finance from Penn State University. Graduated in 1994.

Doctorate in Business Administration. Doctoral Dissertation focused on how effective reward and recognition programs are in driving behavior change across gender and generation of a sales force. University of Phoenix. Graduated in 2011.

Certified Holistic, Career and Life Coach by Marianna Lead of the Goal Imagery Institute. Certified in January 2020.

Certified Yoga Sculpt Instructor by CorePower Yoga. Certified in June 2020.

Dr. Jacalyn

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