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Isabella MacLeod

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Metamorphosis and Nano,The Wellness Universe Complete Self Care, 25 Tools For Happiness /co-author ,Books by Isabella MacLeod

Isabella Macleod resides with her two children and her spouse. She has been a registered nurse for the last twenty-three years. She used her extensive medical knowledge to navigate her character’s medical and psychological crises. The writing of Metamorphosis was a very personal journey that transformed her spiritually. Losing it all—marriage, career, and health—made her take a step back and cherish all the important things in life, like the love, family, and friendship that we all take for granted. She believes that sometimes, by losing yourself, you are able to find the real you underneath all the superficiality and materialism of life. By having it all fall apart and being left to pick up the pieces, you are able to rebuild a better you—a better you on all levels!

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Isabella MacLeod

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