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Holly Sponsler

Helping others develop mindfulness and self-awareness to have more health and happiness.

My name is Holly Sponsler and I am a health, nutrition, and mindfulness coach, on a personal mission to help individuals embrace their own unique beauty, love and accept themselves more fully, gain a deeper sense of self-awareness, and build a healthy relationship with food and eating. I founded Be Mindful, Be Healthy to support people like you in achieving more health and joy in their life.

Born and raised in the mountains of Northern California, I now live in sunny Los Angeles enjoying reading, ceramics, archery, and good food. I am very close to my family and my pets, spending as much of my free time as I can with them.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Foods and Nutrition and a Masters degree in Nutrition Education. I have successfully completed the Wellcoaches Core Training, an 18-week health and wellness coach training program that focuses on techniques that facilitate lasting change in clients. I have been coaching individuals privately for three years and have also developed and taught workshops at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona and the University of California Cooperative Extension on the topics of nutrition, exercise, stress management, alcohol awareness, and mindfulness.

I am also a nutrition educator with nearly 10 years of experience helping low-income families develop healthy lifestyle habits and prevent disease through nonprofit organizations such as Network for a Healthy California and the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program. This experience has been key to recognizing that eating well and being healthy is about more than just knowing what’s good for you.

I know how hard it can be to reach your health goals. As someone who has overcome an eating disorder, recurring depression, low self-esteem and motivation, a divorce, emotional scars left by childhood traumas, and a systemic infection that robbed me of my energy for years, I have learned how to work…

Holly Sponsler

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