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Heiddi Zalamar

Self-love is the Goal, Self-care is the Way, YOU are the Reason.

Hi I'm Heiddi, a busy single working mom, therapist and life coach.

I've been people-helping for over 11 years through therapy, behavior modification and parenting support. But, while I was helping others last year, I wasn't helping myself. In a new role, stressed and living on coffee, I was miserable. I was so unhappy and unmotivated that I didn't bother asking for help or advocating for myself. So I burnt out.

And then I was fired. For. The. First. Time. Ever! 

I cried over this job even though I became anxious and insecure with my self-esteem in the gutter. When my teen began to worry about how the bills would be paid, I knew I had to turn things around. So, I did.

I began taking daily walks again. Writing in my journal everyday even if it was just for 5 minutes. I resented my kids less because I was taking better care of myself. Putting myself first so that they could have their happy, positive mom back.

It wasn't easy. It was amazingly hard, because I felt guilty, selfish for taking time for myself. But, I did it. And I was happier. And my boys were happy because I was happy.

I loved how I was feeling so much that I wanted to share my secrets with other busy working moms. I want busy working moms to know that we've been lied to - that suffering in silence is okay. That doing everything to make our families happy means we do NOTHING for ourselves. That's a huge lie. As the one who keeps the wheels turning, you, busy working mom, need to fuel yourself. You need to eat and sleep well; to feed your spirit. And that's why I'm here. I want to support you.

To find time for you every single day. It is possible to relax, kick stress to the curb and be happier in minutes a day.  With the support of your family who loves you.

To your self-care success,

#WUVIP #WUWorldchanger

Awards and Affiliations

Licensed Mental Health Counselor (NY only)

MA in Mental Health Counseling

BS in Organizational Management

Trained in Motivational Interviewing, Behavior Modification

Causes and Organizations

Thomas Edison State University - Francisca Reyes Scholarship Fund

Heiddi Zalamar

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