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Heather Waring

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transforming your life through the simple, yet often under-rated activity of walking

I am the founder of One Million Women Walking, a global community supporting my mission which is to impact the lives of 1 million women through the simple activity, though often under rated, activity  of walking.  On Nov 1st 2019 I set up a facebook community to support this mission and if you enjoy walking of any kind or you want to get into it and explore it I'd love to have you join us at

I am a walk leader and camino expert; a transformational coach, author and speaker and I have walked many iconic paths such as the Great Wall of China, the Inca Trail and the Camino de Santiago which I take small groups of women on annually.

After burning out and being diagnosed with adrenal fatigue, I used walking as a major tool in my recovery and then set up my current business. Walking had already been my saving grace on a number of occasions and having talked to and listened to so many women who were stressed and overwhelmed and just not happy , I wanted to share the power of this activity to help them.

I  love to walk on ancient paths tapping into the energy, wisdom and stories of those who have gone before and then using these experiences and learnings in my work with my clients to explore and bring forth their own stories.

In taking women walking and inspiring them to walk on their own, I provide space and time for them  to rediscover and reconnect with their true self and re-ignite that spark and essence that has got lost along life’s path.

Walking is her vehicle for delivering self-care, coaching, nurturing and transformation to women who still have so much life to live.

In the London and South East England area I run monthly walks and also work 1-2-1 and in small groups with clients walking and talking. I run UK Walk Experiences and Walk Retreats which are anything from weekend/3 day/ week long events and  Camino Experiences and Camino Retreats too which attract a large number of North American clients . Through online programmes and coaching I serve women all over the world 1-2-1 and in groups.

To find out more about my work please have a look at my website - and sign up for my Inner Circle - which is the place to be to make sure you are kept informed about everything happening as well as getting first notifications about new programmes and initiatives.

At the moment I am looking for possible walk leaders and ambassadors all over the world so if you are interested email [email protected]

You can also book a 30 minute virtual coffee with me:

Find out what people say about me and my work -

“Doing Heather’s 7 Days to mindful walking has been a great and rewarding experience. The great thing is that you can do this walk on your own anywhere in the world! The emails and short fun videos simply helped me create the focus I needed on my short walks. I now understand what creating space is all about. Thank you, Heather, for this amazing gift!” – Maggie Sarfo - UK

The Camino allowed me to focus on myself, which is something that I am rarely able to do as a wife, mother and employee. As a wife and mother, I am responsible for keeping my family afloat. As an employee, I am responsible for keeping my team afloat. But no one is responsible for keeping ME afloat!  I felt like I was drowning before this trip, and now- after 1 week of focusing on no one but me- I feel rejuvenated, refreshed, and more present in my life. I am beyond thankful for this wonderful opportunity.” – Shannon Clay,  Colorado, USA

"For me, it was the realisation of a long-held dream – to walk a pilgrim route alongside like-minded women. And what an experience it was. We walked through spectacular countryside, met with fascinating people from all over the world, enjoyed some rigorous conversations, drank lots of delicious wine and ate some very tasty tapas. But the very best parts for me are the new friendships and the many wonderful memories that were forged along that road. Both of these I now treasure. Thanks, Heather, I had a ball!” – Karen Christian,  UK

“Another wonderful walk, always a great day, with a chance to interact with new people, to get some fresh air, do something different and be healthy! And usually a good variety of inclines/small hills/flat, enough to get you out of breath, but not kill you!” – Nicola Slade, UK

"More than anything else, of all the benefits Stepping into Freedom has given me, its CLARITY. To have clarity is enlightening. I haven’t had clear thinking it a long time. I feel FREE of much of the anxiety and brain fog I have endured for these years. I was consumed by it at times. My thinking and my action is less cluttered. I don’t have that feeling of lurching from one stressful circumstance to the next. I am still a work in progress and it is not perfect but that’s ok. IT IS OK NOT TO BE OK. I love the learning and the learnings.

I am letting go, I take a pause, before I act or speak now. I am calmer, I plan and I am experiencing episodes of ease and flow and my anxiety has reduced significantly. I am very emotional but that’s because I feel some relief that I can beat this through clarity and clearer thinking and ALL WILL BE WELL for me."  - Alison Grierson-Brookes, UK




Certifications and Credentials

Founder member of the Association for Coaching

Accredited coach with the British Coaching Academy and UKCLC

Oneofmany™ Certified Women’s Coach

Past Chair of Athena Chigwell and Athena City

International Best Selling Author of  'How Walking Saved My Life' available on paperback and kindle at

International Best Selling Author  - My Camino Walk#1 -

Heather Waring

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