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Heather Ferri

How healing YOUR pain makes thriving possible!

Heather Ferri author of Victim to Victory, loves to coach people on how to get out of the "matrix" thinking and into a higher conscious business mindset and lifestyle.

Release From the Matrix coaching is a new format to help any person or business release old mental programs ( trauma) and develop powerful intuition. By utilizing a combination of Kundalini Brain Protocols, electrolyzed reduced water, and divine intuitive guidance.

After 18 years of working privately with CEO's, teachers, mental health therapist, and financial planners I am able to reflect on the "whole" picture of a human being. Those descriptions are labels to jobs, but most of my clients shared common heartfelt feelings on their life. Many clients wanted to feel better, have more time to either heal or be with loved ones, and needed to have a "Higher Purpose."

Release From The Matrix coaching is utilizing two very powerful eastern sciences that can rewire, heal, and develop all areas of the brain. When people read my life story Victim to Victory they have a difficult time making excuses. I embody the word "resilience" and I can teach anyone willing to change how to get out of their subconscious self-destructive patterns into a new brain and new life!

When I left my home at age 21 to work as a performer in New York City I was also an entrepreneur. I created a Guinness Book of World Records with 16 continuous body spins in tap shoes with the help of Gregory Hines and the New York Foundation for the Arts. I have friends and business partners from all over the world in entertainment, wellness industry, and even corporate America! I wanted one community where I could bring all my worlds together and share my passions, products, and teaching stories to help inspire.

Interested in my services send me a message.

I am grateful and honored to have you on my page.

Many Blessings!

Heather Ann Ferri

Awards and Affiliations

Heather Ferri, Guinness World Records, New York, USA, completed 16 continuous spinning body turns on one foot, wearing tap shoes in April 2000.


Causes and Organizations

My business team joined forces with Never Thirst Organization which it takes roughly $10,000 to build a water well in an area of the world that does not have water. We are working on our second campaign to build in Africa by the end of 2018. Interested in helping…

Heather Ferri

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