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Hello, I am happy to be here among so many people that are involved in cutting edge Natural Medicine. I have been involved in the natural Health world for most of my life, writing columns in health magazines, guest speaker at various local and national health shows. I have been especially aware of the effects of Crystals and gemstones on the physical body. When you approach your issue "Energetically" you can dissipate the Vibrational patterns that are causing the problems {symptoms}. I have taken the Crystals that are known to Heal the Human and animal kingdom and powderize them and put them into a natural ointment. The products have been reported on in national journals and are now being used by natural and allopathic physicians, Veterinarians, Reiki masters and others adapt it to their own modalities. What we see is the Birth of a new form of natural medicine just like Homeopathic, Herbs, natural oils etc. Crystal healing has grown up.
I have been a Healer for many years it is in my Nature to help and heal. I had personally experienced the beneficial use of crystals and gemstones in my and other people’s life. I knew they did work but they were very unwieldy to place on the body for any length of time. I knew that even a small amount would be beneficial for pain etc. So my thoughts were how small could I make them and still be very effective. I started to powderize the ones I knew to heal and suspended them in an ointment and tested it for over 2 years. The results were and still amaze me and my customers two and four legged, who are repeat users for many years and the stores and healing practitioners that rave about it.
Why It Works: Albert Einstein proved it over 100 years ago, E=MC Squared. In a way, this is Einstein's Medicine. The Einsteinian paradigm as applied to vibrational medicine sees human beings and animals as networks of complex energy fields that interface with physical/cellular systems. Vibrational medicine uses specialized forms of energy to positively…

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