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Hans Dholakia

Yogi & Yoga Coach,Engineer,Poet,Linguist,Motivational Life Coach,Leadership Trainer & Ex-Mktg. Dir. Total exp. 45 yrs.

Hans Dholakia is the Founder-President of Holistic Health & Luminous Learning Inc.

He happens to be a Chemical  Engineer,  a holistic motivational speaker  and  a  Yoga &  Wellness  Coach,  a poet , a linguist (7 languages, incl. English), and a  Corp. Trainer.  He has been practicing Yoga  for  about  33  years (including Kriya Yoga, the highest meditation technique known to mankind), and he believes in a balanced material-cum-spiritual growth. His Master is Sri Paramahansa Yogananda, who wrote the globally-renowned spiritual classic ‘Autobiography of a Yogi’ that has transformed and still continues to transform, lives of millions all over the world.

He has a total of over 45  years’ experience, being  28 years in Sales/Marketing ending at Director/VP levels  and over 17 years in training / coaching.  He conducts corporate training programs on Yoga-aided Body-Mind-Soul Wellness, Stress Management, Anger & Conflict Resolution, Holistic Self-Development, Work-Life Balance, EQ & SQ, Managerial Effectiveness, Leadership Development, Spirituality@Workplace, etc.  He has been invited scores of times to give talks at various leading management institutes.

He has appeared several times on a national channel with his motivation-in-a-minute series and some of those videos can be seen on . Scores of his bis blogs can be seen on LinkedIn, Speaking Tree etc.

His  training  seamlessly  blends  Science  with  Spirituality, integrating modern management thinking / mind-body  wellness research / Quantum  Physics / Neuro-sciences etc., with ageless spiritual wisdom of all faiths and the proven  techniques in Yoga. Being scientific and shorn clear of all religious dogma, it appeals to people of all faiths and cultures.

He  has trained thousands from all levels, including CMD’s/CEO’s/Directors/VP’s/ GM’s/Doctors / Engineers / Ch.Acctts./Lawyers / young Techies & Executives etc, in thousands of sessions, integrating the best of the East  with the latest of the West. His programs have always been very well received. Outside India, his programs have won great feedback from France  and  Bahrain and he is willing to travel to any place globally - to help people live better, love better and work better.

Awards and Affiliations

Please see website / LinkedIn profile.

Causes and Organizations

Hans cares for not only humanity, but all life. Everything lives, and we are all deeply connected.

He is attached to his Master's spiritual organizations in the US and India.

Hans Dholakia

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