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Halina Goldstein

Awakening To Joyful Living

I am a spiritual mentor, speaker, writer and teacher, and the founder of

* Awakening To Joyful Living at and
* the Joy Keepers Network at

I typically work with people who have been on a spiritual path for some time and who are nevertheless stuck in some areas of their life, whether personal or spiritual areas.

I'm on a mission to help them and as many people as possible to awaken to an experience of joy and freedom in every area of their life. So that they can shine their light more fully, through whatever they do and wherever they go. Because that’s what their hearts are longing for, and also because in our troubled world there is a tremendous need for that kind of joyful, peaceful, balancing presence, from as many people as possible.

I do it using the experience, insights, approaches, energy and intuition that I’ve developed along my 40+ years of spiritual exploration and practice.

I have also written 3 e-books: “Meditations for the Living”, “From Lonely To Home” and “Finding Joy Every Day”. You can download the latter at


Causes and Organizations

Founder of the Joy Keepers Network at

HalinaGold supports the PachaMama Alliance

Halina Goldstein

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