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    I saw an interesting discussion in a Facebook group I belong to… and thought I’d pose the same question here:

    How important is your online presence to your business on a scale from 1-10 and why?
    (10 being very important)

    • 10. My business is 98% online. I get the majority of my clients from my website. I sell my books online. I teach my classes online. I could not operate without the net.

    • 6 I am selling my books on line and working social media, but I am starting to work on building a local tribe.

      • Do you have a brick and mortar business @cheryl-meyer? Is that why you’re working on the local tribe?

        • I have an office and am a health coach. i prefer to work in person one on one. I will also work via Zoom and Skype. I also am selling my book, and sell the most at local speaking engagements and when I meet people in person. I am working on selling more through Amazon so its a 2 prong approach.

    • Today I would say that number is an 8, and I am currently participating in a challenge to increase visibility on Facebook. If I am successful in the work I do during the challenge, the importance of an online presence will increase. Very interesting question, actually. I made me really think about just how much of an online presence I want to build.

    • Currently most of my clients are local and word of mouth is preferred to online presence. This word of mouth extends globally fortunately and I have found clients contacting me from far away because of someone they know here who has worked with me! 😉
      I get very little conversion at the moment, through my website and blogs and emailing lists. I have actually reduced my activity online too and am more focused in when and where I post. I have also started boosting posts on FB too to a very specific audience.

      • Thanks for sharing your experience @trilbyjohnson. May I ask, are you seeing any results from boosting posts on FB? I’ve found it’s not necessarily the most cost-effective marketing tool. Creating FB ads using the ad manager, yes. But boosting, not so much.