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Glenn Ambrose

There is only Love and absence of Love...I choose Love.

Glenn Ambrose's philosophy is that happiness & fulfillment are there for you to have and is attainable by anyone.  He is an internationally sought after Life Coach, Spiritual Teacher, Host of the Podcast: "Life, Lessons, & Laughter with Glenn Ambrose", and an Inspirational Speaker.  Combining his coaching skills with his finely tuned style of getting to the heart of the matter, he inspires the change that is necessary for truly successful living.

After finding happiness himself, he immediately saw that it is accessible for anyone as long as they had the willingness to open up to it.  His specialty is taking people who are open to it, helping them articulate or recognize what the challenges are to finding the fulfillment they desire and then strategizing small, simple steps to follow in order for them to reach that fulfillment.

Glenn is known for his passion, enthusiasm and ability to see things from a clear perspective thereby giving him the aptitude to help guide people to an effective path for their own self-discovery and happiness.  He uplifts others to come out of their place of complacency and experience the levels of contentment and joy that are possible.

“There is nothing more powerful and heart-warming to me than to see that sparkle in someone’s eye or hear the elation in their voice when they get that first spark of pure hope and it hits deep inside of them that not only is happiness possible but it’s right there for them to grasp!”

Glenn Ambrose

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