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gary stuart

Creator of Constellation Healing Oracle Cards and 21 year Constellation facilitator, Author, Speaker

GARY STUART is a master Constellation facilitator of 19 years, author, and transformational speaker. Gary’s latest book is MASTER YOUR UNIVERSE: How to Direct and Star in Your Own Life.
Gary is internationally recognized for exploring invisible family dynamics through Family Constellations. He is double-certified in the work including Bert Hellinger’s “Movements of the Spirit-Mind” Facilitator’s Training in Austria. Gary has facilitated almost 10,000 processes, and is on the cutting edge of providing training for facilitators and other professionals. He conducts weekly workshops in California and travels worldwide.
Gary also offers Distance Constellation healing work for personal, business or organizational issues as well as breakthroughs in Prosperity, Organizational Empowerment, Familial Epigenetic, plus Past-Life Reincarnation.
Gary ‘s book on Constellations  is  Many Hearts, ONE SOUL. All of his books are  available on Gary hosts “Consciousness Connection” on Blog-Talk Radio.
Gary’s Early Life
On my own journey of self-discovery and inner awareness at 19 years old, I came upon the deep healing work of “Primal Therapy” Founder, Dr. Arthur Janov in 1970 (which ironically so was Bert Hellinger’s during the same time). After much self-analysis and study of the “primal scream” method I pursued different avenues of inner work.
I discovered deep healing massage which incorporated the physical aspect of emotional pain into the mental psyche realm and spent several decades exploring the physical aspect of pain. It was during that time that I sensed my higher-self communicating information and insights to me about the clients I never “worked on” before. I treaded softy as I was unaware how to approach these strangers and address their deeper need of healing.
After much contemplation I realized that “I” was the messenger or conduit to facilitate the change they needed for healing. This experience led me to become a Bowen Healing Therapist in the mid 90’s. To share my discoveries, I sat down to write about the profound insights and lessons learned, which became my first book, “God says, Heal!” released in 2000.
That work segued into the sacred journeys of Shamanic training and into the unknown realm of altered states, which guided…

Awards and Affiliations

The 2016 Heart and Spirit Award from the Evolutionary Business Council

ISCA  International systemic Constellation Association

Hellinger Sciencia Constellation facilitator graduate

Causes and Organizations

You name it, Project Forgive, Standing Rock, Greenpeace, Friends of Earth,  Rainforest Action Network, Human Rights Campaign, Union of Concerned Scientists, Corporate Accountability, Charity Water,

gary stuart

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