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Gary Schreiner

THRIVE: Unleash the Power of Your Life Rhythms

Hi, I'm the Thriveologist, a.k.a. the "Dorky Rocker Ninja" Coach!

I help people who are stuck, plateaued, or otherwise dissatisfied with where they are, and who want something greater for their life, gain the clarity, mindset and life practices they need to thrive.

Who I Work With

This includes entrepreneurs, business executives, entertainment professionals, service professionals and others who simply want to kick-butt and enjoy life.

How I Help You

Work, health, relationships, happiness... everything we do, is affected by our life rhythms.  These rhythms include circadian rhythms, mental timing, thought patterns, daily practices, relational patterns, etc.  Research shows that these rhythms have a significant impact on our well-being.   I help you unlock the power of six key rhythms that are crucial if you want to thrive in your personal and professional life, and I do it in a fun and unique way.

A Little About Me

My "hats" have included Attorney, Life Coach, Executive Coach, Mediator, Trainer, Self Defense Instructor, Researcher, Musician, and Rhythmicist.  After 20 years in the professional world I found myself burned out and stuck.  After soul-searching, research and hard work I found a way out.  Now one of my goals is to help people experience and live an amazing life (i.e. thrive).

Please Feel Free to Reach Out

Visit me at or check out one of my programs at

You're also welcome to email me at

Gary Schreiner

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